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City Island Airport 2 v1.1.11 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

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City Island Airport 2 v1.1.11 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)
City Island: Airport 2
Download Game City Island Airport 2 v1.1.11 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Diamonds)

Description Game :
City Island: Airport 2 is the new sim city style building game where you need to build a lot and to grow and manage your airfield and virtual island! Build and manage your own airport city and become the islands best flight tycoon. 
Turn this exotic paradise into a tourist island by building a city and airport. Awesome graphics!
Enjoy this FREE and fun citygame that is often compared to city building games like sim city.
Your main goal is to further build your ville and your airfield into a sparkling city with a large airport that handles many tourists. Do this by building your city, managing departures and arrival flights, build tourist attractions and handle all the airport madness and flight control.
- FREE to play
- Build and manage your city island in this simcity kinda game
- Send planes to fly from your hangars and airport terminal
- Increase your score to unlock new items (e.g. another aircraft type, a new building, runway, hotels, cool landmarks like the statue of liberty, ferriswheel, crazy rotor tourist attraction)
- Use your flight tracker to gain maximum profit from your flights
- Fly each plane to destinations all over the world
- Citybuilder game with beautiful realistic graphics
- Sim game to build your simple ville into a great tourist city island paradise
- Lots of quests and rewards to play
- Manage the tourism of the island
What's New In v1.1.11 :
fixed crashes at startup

Download City Island Airport 2 v1.1.11 Mod :

Size : 33MB

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