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Max Axe - Epic Adventure v1.6.3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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Max Axe - Epic Adventure v1.6.3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)
Max Axe - Epic Adventure!
Download Game Max Axe - Epic Adventure v1.6.3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Description Game :
Tired of lame-axe games? Get ready for MAX AXE! Throw axes with your finger to slay foul beasts, collect REDONKULOUS treasure and score BILLIONS of points to outrank your friends!
Max Axe blends 100% pure arcade frenzy with humor, crazy combos, and absolutely bonkers high-speed action like nothing you've ever seen before. Take on the role of Max, a Viking barbarian berserker on a quest for total destruction, massive loot and of course, princesses!
#1 Action Game in over 90 countries!
⇒ Over 200,000 - 5 Star Ratings!
5/5 “Fun, witty, and addictive!”
5/5 “This game is freaking nuts!”
5/5 “Max Axe is the BOMB!”
5/5 “MAXimum fun, AXE-tastic!”
"Max Axe is an addictive action game that doubles as effective therapy" - Pocket Gamer
- Throw crazy axes by drawing with your finger!
- Tons of cool gear to unlock!
- Intense fast-paced action!
- Radical cartoony visuals!
- Totally destructible environments!
- The more you destroy, the bigger the combos!
- Hilarious sound effects & original chiptune music!
- Beat your friends' scores & see them in-game as ghosts....then axe them!
What's New In v1.6.3 :
- THE MAMMOTH IS HERE!!! Ride a WILD MAMMOTH in the wintery tundra! Watch for tar pits!
- Challenge your friends and SMASH their high scores! Send them Rez Tokens!
- More EPIC missions! More Levels!
- REDONKULOUS daily rewards and exciting new achievements!
- A whole new way to upgrade and buy with the improved shop! See how gear looks on Max BEFORE you buy!
- Check out Blackheart's Big Book of Beasts, Bonuses and Barbarism!
- Save your game data online!

Download Max Axe - Epic Adventure v1.6.3 Mod :

Size Apk : 48MB || Credits DroidHax

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